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Expired Domain Name News

Domain Name Registration Expire Date Or Length Not A Google Ranking Factor
We've covered this numerous times but hey, Google had to chime in again about the topic of domain name registration length and the expire date of a domain name not being used as a ranking signal by Go...

Daily Poll: At What Price Will Sell?
The domain name is in an expired domain name auction at This domain name sold publicly two times for around $22,000. Right now, the bidding is at $7,700 with a little ...

Profit with domain names by Building a Real Brand
You will have more customers and so will get more money for a domain name. Get an expired domain name – Buy an expired fast domain name. Expired domain names have the extra advantage of getting the re...

That Domain You Forgot to Renew? Yeah, it’s Now Stealing Credit Cards
If you own a domain name that gets decent traffic and you fail ... That’s because in June of this year the domain expired, and control over her site went to someone who purchased it soon after.

Two key lessons from ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’
On the morning of 18 October 2018, the domain was available for purchase in an expired domain auction for the bargain ... the challenger owns rights in the name contained in the c...

Does Google Prefer Domain Names Registered For a Long Time?
But honestly I just had to ask again, especially since Epik now offers Forever Registrations, meaning that you can register a domain name forever, and it will not expire. You don’t have to worry anymo...

Hacking law firms with abandoned domain names
The goal of this research is to raise awareness of a common practice in the legal profession, and in other business of allowing domain names to expire after mergers and acquisitions. We give practical ...

Domain Name Auction
These URL provides the best backlinks to their websites. When domain starts to expire it moves on auction sites. For getting these domain names, first, you put a minimum bid. Then it goes to back orde...

Tucows moves expired domain names back to GoDaddy Auctions
Move back to GoDaddy suggests that GoDaddy generates substantially more revenue per domain for registrars. Domain name registrar Tucows has moved its expired domain name inventory back to GoDaddy Auct... expired domains are now on GoDaddy
Expired domain deal came with portfolio acquisition last year. In October 2017, Donuts sold about 200,000 domain names to GoDaddy. These domains were in a portfolio that Donuts inherited when it acqui...

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