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Let's Encrypt And The Free Future Of HTTPS
Historically HTTPS has been one of the few renewal outliers, due to the reliance by even large hosting providers on third party SSL certificate vendors. The rise of Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL certificat...

How to choose the best web host: A cheat sheet
Once you find a domain name, your chosen web hosting service should offer to register it for you. In many cases, the service will offer to do this for free or at low cost ... who is responsible for fi...

10 essential GoDaddy tools
Hosting ... shop owners and web professionals, to name just a few. For those that have one domain or website administration is relatively straightforward, but for those that handle many, some extra he...

Namecheap Partners With Adobe Portfolio To Make Purchasing And Connecting Custom Domain Names Simple, Seamless And Affordable
Adobe Portfolio customers can now search, purchase and connect custom domain names ... a custom website to showcase their original projects and establish an online presence for both personal and profe...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
We’ve discussed the best web hosting companies ... Gandi has been registering domain names perhaps the longest of the five here, and is famous for their no bullshit approach to domain name registratio...

Google offers free domain name, website, hosting for Florida small businesses
Intuit and Google are offering Florida small businesses free custom domain names, websites and hosting in the "Get Your Business Online" initiative. The program, available nationwide, offers a free cu...

Scott Morrison's website taken over after domain name expires
It appears that the website was taken over by someone when the domain name expired. I have to say, seen a few squatters grab domains over the years from dipshits who didn't bother to renew them ... In ...

Oh Dear. Scott Morrison's Website Just Got Taken Over By Trolls
In any event, it's a reminder to always renew your website domain names before they expire. This goes doubly if you happen to be a public figure. Like the Prime Minister of Australia, for example. If ...

Host Your Domain with Free Apps
Want your very own web site address, but don't want to mess with pay-for hosting packages or server configuration? Today you can buy a domain name for around 10 bucks a year (or less) and map it to a ...

HostBreak Launches Upgraded Dedicated Web Hosting Services in Pakistan
you will get the name of the domain as well as web hosting free of expense in the bundle web development. Our packages of web hosting are so inexpensive from other web hosting organizations as we ...

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