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Domain Expired Name Tag News

Do Links From Expired Domains Count With Google?
From time-to-time, issues about how domain names can impact Google rankings come up. Is it true that if you buy a name, all the “link equity ... effectively slapped with an invisible nofollow tag, pas...

11 end user domain name sales up to $250k
And even more unusual was a .RO (Romania) ccTLD purchase beating out the other sales and taking top honors with its €220K ($250k USD) price tag. Take a look at some ... Scale Software Systems bought t...

Dealing With An Expired Domain Name
the focus of this article is advising domain registrants on how I believe they should best deal with an expired domain name that was purchased by a domain investor. There are many reasons why domain n...

Pirate Bay’s Iconic .SE Domain has Expired (Updated)
The Pirate Bay's iconic .SE domain name has expired and will be deactivated soon if no action is taken. This means that, which played a central part in the site's history, is no longer ...

RIP OAPL: An Academic Publisher Vanishes
Now, the OAPL website hosts nothing more than a ‘domain name expired’ message and a series of links to things like “Bass Fishing Trips Near Me”. All those papers – over 1,500 if I recall ...

Enough With Blacklisting Online Pharmacies, Isn’t It Time to Consider White Lists?
The .Pharmacy Registry has also collaborated with the policy development offices of other crucial Internet partners by inserting a TLD policy that denies virtually every legitimate online pharmacy tha...

Namecheap starts sending expired domains to GoDaddy Auctions
GoDaddy Auctions increases its expired domain footprint. Namecheap is the latest domain name registrar to send its expired domain name inventory to GoDaddy Auctions. A Domain Name Wire reader noticed ...

Scott Morrison's website taken over after domain name expires
It appears that the website was taken over by someone when the domain name expired. I have to say, seen a few squatters grab domains over the years from dipshits who didn't bother to renew them, but t...

Oops. Someone Took Over Scott Morrison's Personal Website
The way it works is that Genesin was able to go in and buy the ownership of the URL once it expired and then direct that URL to ... fun" he'd had with $50 in a long time. In Australia domain name owne...

Khashoggi’s fate shows the flip side of the surveillance state
There’s no doubt certain governments have wised up to the power of public data and are actively releasing key info into the public domain where ... wearing a uniform name tag bearing the same ...

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