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California Internet Domain Name News

You can finally sign up to get your own .africa domain name
In 2012, the California-based, Internet Corporation for Assigned ... Internet Expansion Program to diversify the domain name market and provide more competition for applicants. Sign up for the Quartz Africa Weekly Brief — the most important and ...

Seattle Kraken? Internet sleuth uncovers domain names registered to Seattle NHL group
SEATTLE -- As Seattle awaits news of getting a potential expansion NHL franchise, an internet sleuth has uncovered some potential clues as to some team name options. Clark Rasmussen with has been keeping an eye on domain registrations.

U.S. Court Postpones Decision On .africa Domain Name
On Monday 4 April, a California court cancelled a hearing to determine whether the .africa domain could be released to a South African domain-name registry by the nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). According to ICANN ...

Internet domain squatter says he bought $5,000 worth of domain names, wants to sell for $90,000
A week is an eternity in politics, though one Internet domain squatter managed to call the Democratic ... However, he told the News that he spent $5,000 on more than 200 domain names during 2010 and 2011, and now is relieved that one appears to be paying ...

Dot What?
The island nation of Tuvalu can use the millions of dollars it’s gotten for its .tv domain ... of Southern California? The answer to these questions is probably no. Few people know much, if anything, about the Internet’s Domain Name System, or DNS ...

Internet Oversight Agency Revives Proposal to Create Voluntary XXX Domain Name for Porn Sites
NEW YORK – The Internet's key oversight agency has revived ... ICANN, the agency in Marina del Rey, California, designated by the U.S. government to oversee domain name policies, opened the proposal to public comment but did not indicate when it would ...

New internet domain names set for 2013
In 2013, the Internet's familiar domain names, like .com and .net ... Icann is a nonprofit private organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The organization was formed on September 18, 1998 to oversee a number of Internet-related tasks ...

The Fight Over the .africa Domain Name
An explosion of domain names has reshaped the Internet by offering hundreds of new ways to end ... While the domain’s ultimate fate could remain the subject of legal battles for years, a California court could decide within weeks whether to finally ...

U.S. tech firms urge Congress to allow internet domain changeover
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Major technology companies including Facebook, Google and Twitter are urging Congress to support a plan for the U.S. government to cede control of the ... The California-based corporation operates the database for domain names ...

Icann Opens up Domain Names in 'Historic' Move
In addition to familiar TLDs such as .com, .org, and .net, Internet users could potentially see new domain name extensions made of almost any ... including possible lawsuits and other contingencies. California-based Icann will accept applications for ...

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