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Namecheap Partners with Adobe Portfolio to Make Purchasing and Connecting Custom Domain Names Simple, Seamless and Affordable
PHOENIX, Oct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Namecheap, the world's second largest retail domain registrar with over 10 ... purchase and connect custom domain names from Namecheap in a few clicks ...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
Today he launches the domain registration service Njalla ... the Internet need to have options for anonymity, and the domain name area is something which was never really protected. At best you can bu...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
We’ve discussed the best web hosting companies, but if you have a brilliant idea for a web site, you’ll also need a domain name to go with it. So when it’s time to register that domain name, which dom...

Enough With Blacklisting Online Pharmacies, Isn’t It Time to Consider White Lists?
Again, in my view, notwithstanding having fully satisfied all of the registration criteria ... The cost per domain name registered is excessive and the marketing action is premature at best. But, mayb...

How to Use DNS Analytics to Find the Compromised Domain in a Billion DNS Queries
With the above categories in mind and access to large data streams of ongoing DNS queries, domain name registration data ... threat analysts in making the best and fastest determinations possible ...

Uniregistry is rolling out a paid discount plan
Domain name registrar Uniregistry rolled out a new discount plan at ... The cheapest plan is $108 per year. It appears that the best plan offers .com domains for $8.59 compared to Uniregistry’s standa...

GoDaddy Is Unprepared For The Future Of Domain Names
GoDaddy Has Been Too Slow To React In my opinion, one of the best ways to measure GoDaddy's recent ... it does sell is also clear from the table below showing domain name sales for each main registrar ...

MONKEYHOSTY - the Number One Hosting Company for Small Businesses and Individuals Right Now
registering domain names will serve no purpose. Having a web hosting account is very important in order to get a website hosted. A web hosting company makes it possible for your website to be accessed ...

Maintaining Trust, Respecting Privacy and Due Process
We try our best to keep our network clean and free from abuse ... So, for example, when somebody wants to register a domain name we collect and process the information required on our end and then sha...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
... IP address like into a human-friendly chunk of text like Here’s a look at five of the most popular domain name registrars that help you register and manage your domains ...

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